Expanded Sarine System Will Provide 4Cs Grading, Synthetic Detection

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Diamond processing industry technology provider Sarine Technologies Ltd announced that it is expanding the Sarine Profile platform with the option to include the world’s first automated 4Cs grading and diamond verification services. Automated 4Cs grading will be based on the soon-to-be-released Sarine Clarity and Sarine Color devices along with the already operational DiaMension cut grading system and the Sarine Light optical performance grading system.

The enhanced 4Cs Sarine Profile report will, optionally, include advanced synthetic diamond and treatment detection.

Sarine CEO David Block observed, “The days of dry, technical, non-intuitive diamond reports are coming to an end. Sarine’s new reports can provide consumers with a more reliable and coherent way to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery, and can support the entire diamond pipeline with a new level of accuracy, objectivity and repeatability.”

He added, “Our new services include the world’s first automated measurement and grading of all the 4Cs and light performance, diamond verification, interactive digital reports, and a host of revolutionary new approaches to gemmological research that add layer upon layer of depth and power to the diamond story. By providing added value to the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales processes for diamonds and jewellery, the ground-breaking Sarine Profile service enhances its already new, exciting and effective way for consumers to engage with diamonds and jewellery throughout the purchase process.”